Providing engineering services in the field of electricity

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CallibrationProvidingengineering services in the field ofelectricity and instrumentationspecialized
Engineering department of Mehr Instrument Aryo Company with the use of experts and efficient resources technically have been organized such through the use of valid standards in the field of design and electrical and instrumentation engineering is able to provide all of engineering services of projects, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical.

  • BasicEngineering:services inthe field ofcontrol systems, electricalandinstrumentation, checking and debuggingcontrol systems, procedural units, offer suggestionsonoptimizingcontrol systems, electricalinstrumentationincludebasic engineeringservices.
  • Detailedengineering services:presentsdetailed engineeringservices,control systems, electricalandinstrumentationprocessfornew projectsorunitsworking.
  • procurementEngineering Services: include services in the field of control systems, electricalandinstrumentation, checking and debugging control systems, procedural units, provide ideas in order to optimization of control systems, electrical and instrumentation.